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Chapter 3Personality Traits Practical MattersTotal Assessment Guide TAGQuestionTopicFactualConceptualAppliedTypeWhats Missing Multiple 1 3 5 62 4 7 9From the Five ChoiceFactorsShort57 58 6059pp 4953AnswerEssay72The Five Factors Multiple 6 11 13 157 8 109 12 14in Other CulturesChoicepp 5357Short 61 62 6463AnswerEssay73 74Expression of Multiple 18 20 22 2316 19 2117 24Traits in ChoiceEveryday LifeShort 65pp 5765AnswerEssay75Personality Multiple 25 28 29 30 31 33 26 27 34 36 38 40 32 35 52 Development Choice37 39 41 42 44 46 43 45 49 51 54 55 53Over the Life 47 48 5056Span Continuity Short 66 67 68 69 7071Change and AnswerCoherenceEssay76 77 78 79 80pp 6575Copyright2012 by Pearson Education Inc All rights reserved46Chapter 3 Personality Traits Practical Matters Multiple Choice311 There is evidence of individual differences in how people perceive and process information about the social world Some psychologists refer to this asintelligenceaperceptualbemotionalcinterpersonaldsocialDifficulty 2Question ID 311Page Reference 49TopicWhats Missing From the Five FactorsSkill Factual Answer b emotional312 The textbook definesas the ability of individuals to stand outside their immediate sense of time and place to view life from a larger more objective perspectiveaself actualizationbNirvanacreligiositydspiritual transcendenceDifficulty 2Question ID 312Page Reference 50TopicWhats Missing From the Five FactorsSkill Conceptual Answer d spiritual transcendence313 When Schmitt and Buss factoranalyzed adjectives referring to sexuality they found several factors that they referred to as the aAmorous EightbSexy SevencErotic SevendLascivious NineDifficulty 1Question ID 313Page Reference 52TopicWhats Missing From the Five FactorsSkill Factual Answer b Sexy SevenCopyright2012 by Pearson Education Inc All rights reserved47
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