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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Oren Amitay

PersonalityChapter 4 Textbook NotesInterpsychic TheoriesAlfred AdlerAlfred AdlerShift from intrapsychic within the psyche to interpsychic interpersonal relationsHuman person emerges as a socialcultural creature rather than a sexualbiological oneAdler believed that person must be studied as a whole and that we are motivated by social interest alone our primary life problems are social onesAlfred Adler 1870 1937BACKGROUNDChildhood Difficult and unhappyCame close to death many times had physical disabilitiesFound strength and happiness in the company of other peersFounded his own school after split from Freud and had many others who were by his sideBASIC CONCEPTSIndividual psychologyAdlers term for personality which emphasizes uniqueness within the personImportance of human culture and societyEvidence for this Lower animals are based on instinctual and innate drives but human beings can control them We put social relations first This is evident when we refuse innate needs sometimes for social reasons refuse food due to a fight with rentsSocial InterestThe urge in human nature to adapt oneself to the conditions of the social environment It expresses itself subjectively in ones consciousness of having something in common w other pple and of being one of themDoes not automatically emerge nor does it find constructive expressionMust be nurturedcultivatedFinalismAdler did not believe that behaviours are all causedby the environmentHe believed that there is motivational force that motivate us to act the way we do to fulfill a purpose or goalAdler agreed with Jung on the concept of teleologyFinalism The goal that the individual pursues is the decisive factor its the concept of goal orientationGuiding goals are mostly fictionsFictions An individuals or groups interpretations of the events of the worldNot exactly false or true or right or wrong it must be judged on its usefulnessMay be healthy or unhealthyFictional FinalismsActing in a certain way according to the presumed fictionguiding goal withinStriving for SuperorityGoal of superiority Ultimate fictional finalism for everyone number one prioritySuperiority does not mean competition or being better than another personIt is the desire to competent and effective in whatever one tries to doTerm superiority is similar to perfectionIt is human nature to move from the bottom to the top and advance ourselves
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