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Chapter 2

Personality Chapter 2 Notes

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Oren Amitay

PersonalityChapter 2 Textbook NotesPsychoanalysisIntroduction Sigmund FruedSeen both as a heroic figureas extemely flawed individualDeveloped technique of free associationCreated psychoanalysisDiscovered defence mechanismsDeveloped method of studying and treating neurotic probsBackgroundBegan medical studiesestablished himself as a clinical neurologist 1881Breuer a Viennese physicianfriendBreuers talking cure led to Freuds own development of free associationlater psychoanalytical techniques Eventually they separated cause Breuer couldnt agree w Freuds emphasis on the role of sexuality in neurosisA psychoanalytic society was founded by Freudmany of Freuds disciples later became noted psychoanalystsCarl JungAlfred Adler were close associates but later left this movememnt to developstress other ideasFreud continued to develop and revise his psychoanalytic theory until his death By the end of his life psychoanalytic concepts had been applied towere influencing almost every cultural construct of humanityThe Origins of PsychoanalysisThe Discovery of Unconscious ForcesMuch of his work is unfinishedpsychoanalysis represents not a finished theory but rather an ongoing process of discovery about the selfOrigins of psychoanalysisFreuds work with Breur Breuer is credited w the discovery og the psychoanalystic methodAnna OFreud started to use the talking method w his own patientsObservations let him to believe that patients held back strong emotions at the time of traumatic eventsdifficulty in bringing these memories to the surfacetherefore memories were partly unconsciousAbandoned hypnosis and discovered resistanceResistanceis the force that prevents one from being aware or remembering painful memoriesRepressedthe blocking of a wish or desire from consciousnessA certain amount of repressionis unavoidablenecessary in order for a civilized society to exist But the repression is not always successful or constructiveSpatial Metaphor for repressed wishes and urgesWe eject painful wishes not permitting them to enter consciousness but the repressed wishes refuse to behave agreeably Instead they are expressed in other ways creates all sorts of problems neurotic symptoms You need to restore the wishes to consciousness so that we can deal with them realisticallyThe Psychoanalytic Method of Assessment and Research2 primary procedures to remove the mask and discover the repressed ideasFree AssociationA patient is asked to say whatever comes to mindno matter how insignificant or
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