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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Evolution and Human Nature

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Marc A Fournier

LECTURE 2 CHAPTER 2EVOLUTION AND HUMAN NATURE study of the person must begin with human naturecontemporary scientific understandings of human nature focus on human evolution o human beings have evolved to survive and reproduce o evolution and human nature provide the most fundamental context for understanding human individualityOn Human Nature Our Evolutionary Heritage a fundamental property of living things is that they propagate o all animals and plants produce similar versions of themselves making for the continuity of like from one generation to the nextorganisms are a product of a long chain of evolutionary events whereby replicating systems compete for resourcessuccessful systems are those that produce viable copies of themselvessystem must meet the demands imposed by the environmentthe design of all diverse organisms were permuted out of the simple singlecelled ancestor through a long sequence of modificationsall living things have evolved over time due to interactions with their environmentthe organisms must compete with one another when they are faced with limited resources and the organisms that survive are considered to
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