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Chapter 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Chapter 7 Motives and Goals What do we want in lifeThe Psychoanalytic View thMost influential psychologist of 20 centurySigmund Freudemphasis on psychoanalysis Heart of psychoanalytic view of personality is Freuds theory of motivation 4 propositions 1 Determinismeverything is predeterminedwe are not the masters of our fate 2 Drive these forces live within us and can be traced back to drives or instincts drives for sexuality and aggression 3 Conflict the forces that determine our behaviour and experience are in conflict with one anotherthis causes anxietywe cannot avoid conflict and anxiety we are destined to be miserable 4 The unconscious the things that cause anxiety in our lives is in our unconscious we have no control over our lives Freud believed sexuality and aggression serve as the primal energy sources for psychological lifesaw the mind as machine that used energy drawn from biological instincts 1 Sexuality and all other life instincts EROS 2 Aggression and all other death instinctsTHANATOSour instincts get played out in fantasies and dreams and get expressed in very subtle ways of everyday life The Unconsciouspeople cannot know the real reasons for what they doFreud believed bcof his earliest clinical cases that the neurotic symptoms stemmed from personal conflicts and fantasies often sexual and aggressive and were pushed out of consciousnessex Negative life experiences may no longer be consciously remembered but are still in the unconscious and cause anxiety dread etc Freuds topographical model of human functioningConsciouseverything a person is currently aware ofPreconsciousmaterial the person is not currently aware of but could readily enter awareness if the personwants to retrieve the materialUnconsciouscannot be readily retrieved
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