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Chapter 5

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 5 Extraversion Extraversion - is a broad and bipolar continuum, running from the high end to the low end. Differences are always matter of degree. E- large factor in personality, comprised of many smaller factors or facets. A family related smaller traits. Social behavior and cognitive performance We are social beings. Individual differences regarding our sociality should prove very important to us. Extraversions captures the words (outgoing, sociable shy, inhibited, withdrawn, taciturn, quiet) Carl Jung said: extraverts direct psychological energy outward to the social word. Whereas introverts direct inward toward private thought and fantasy. Eysenck Extravert is outgoing sociable, and enthusiastic, somewhat impulsive and heedless. Extraverts do more gambling tend to be more sexually active. Introvert- is more quiet, withdrawn and also more contemplative, deliberate. Less likely to take bad risk. Introverts are somewhat more likely to live alone Wilson and Nias- Extraverts more permissive in their sexual attitudes than introverts, confess to higher levels of sex drive, less prone to nervousness and inhibition in sexual relations. drawn to and excel in occupations, involve dealing directly with other people, such as sales, marketing, personnel work. www.notesolution.com Introverts tend to prefer more solitary pursuit, sharing many interests with artists, research scientists, mathematicians and engineers. Extraverts and introverts show different cognitive strengths and weakness. E- show superior performance to introverts on tasks requiring divide attention , resistance to distraction Extroverted- locomotive drivers show better detection of railway signal stimuli, post office trainees tend to perform better on a demanding, speeded mail coding task - geared to respond (Brebner & Cooper) Introverts tend to perform better on tasks requiring vigilance, and careful attention. Evidence suggests that introverts show better long-term memory for words and superior performance under conditions of very low arousal. - geared to inspect (Brebner & Cooper) Feeling Good Extraverts report greater levels of positive affect Conducted number of studies in which they administered self-reports measures of E and subjective well being to large samples of adults. Measures of subjective well being tap into two independent features: Measures of subjective well-being tap into independent features. E is positively associated with reports of good feelings but unrelated to reports of bad feelings Extraverts report more positive affect than introverts. Introverts appear to dwell on the negative and punitive features of certain social situations Extraverts are more likely than introverts to continue responding in the face of punishment and frustration. www.notesolution.com
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