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Chapter 7

Chapt 7 keyterms

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Marc A Fournier

7 MotivesGoals What Do We Want in LifeIntroductionmotivationMotivationforces or factors usually viewed as residing within the personthat energize and direct behavior Motivational ideas and personality psychology includes wants desires needs goals strivings projects tasks The Psychoanalytic View psychoanalysis life Instincts death Instincts Psychoanalysisgeneral term for the approach to psychology pioneered by Floyd and others who tend to focus on the unconscious determinant of behavior intrapsychic conflicts the instinctual drives concerning sexuality and aggression The term also denotes the process of engaging in psychotherapy from a psychoanalytic standpointLife instincts Eros Freuds concept for a group of instincts serving sexual reproduction and survival Death instincts ThanatosFreuds concept for a group of instinctual drives assumed to motivate the person door word behavior and experience promoting ones own death and destruction towards others Contrast with life instincts or Eros Feature 78 Sigmund Freud and the Birth of Psychoanalysis romanticism hysteriaRomanticisman intellectual movement in Western civilization circa 17901850 rejecting classical teachings of reason order and the common good in favor of the celebration of the vigorous and passionate life of the individual Hysteria a form of psychotherapy in which a person suffers from bodily symptoms such as blindness or paralysis that have no physical or biological cause The Unconscious the unconscious topographical modelThe unconsciousthis state of being outside of awareness For Freud the unconscious is a shadowy realm of the mind wherein reside repressed thoughts feelings memories conflicts and the like Topo graphical modelFreuds model of the mind which distinguishes among the conscious preconscious and unconscious regions The conscious corresponds to everyday awareness the preconscious contains the contents of ordinary memory to which awareness may be direct it at any
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