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Chapter 2

Personality - Chapter Two

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Marc A Fournier

Personality Chapter 2 Natural selection: a process whereby nature gradually selects those characteristics of an organisms that promote survival and reproductive success. Richard Dawkins made famous the idea OF SELFISH GENES 2 different ways a person can promote that likelihood of replicating: 1) Generate and promote ones own biological offspring, a women who has 6 children will pass twice as much genes than a person who has 3 children. 2) Protect the well being of those who share the same genes, so you dont have any children but your biological sister does. Direct (through ones offspring) and indirect (through off springs kin) Darwin could not explain why others would any organism would do anything that compromised its own survival and even reproductive success. Until idea of inclusive fitness came, which is an organisms total ability to maximize the replication of the genes that designed it. Part of this total inclusive fitness involves own reproductive success but also of close relatives who share the same genes Life on earth came 3.5 billion years ago, period where humans emerged and evolved to current form from the past 2 million years this period is called by geologists the Pleistocene epoch of earth histology. Evolutionary psychologists call Pleistocene world the environment of
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