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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Notes

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 9 DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES AND TASKS Martin Luthers Identity Crisis -started Protestant Reformation -first person to translate the Bible into German -the fit in the choir symbolizes the low point of Luthers identity struggle -he was obsessed with the church and Bible; constantly praying -for Luther, religious insights consolidated his new identity -Eriksons concept of identity is a characteristic of developmental adaptation Erik Eriksons Theory of Psychosocial Development -by adopting his own last name, he symbolized the maturation of his own identity Developmental Stages in Childhood -Freud was his biggest influence -Eriksons first five stages roughly parallel Freuds psychosexual stages -for Erikson, each stage is defined by a polarity in which a positive feature of the stage is pitted against a negative feature; polarity sets up a psychosocial conflict -at the end of the stages, changes within the individual and within the individuals social world combine to create a central conflict that defines the stage -the conflict must be addressed, but not necessarily resolved, within that stage before the individual can move on to the next stage -stages vs Freuds stages are listed on page 351 -Erik noticed major sex differences in the third stage in the ways children carry out www.notesolution.com
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