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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Notes

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter Ten LIFE SCRIPTS, LIFE STORIES -life stories are grounded in reality, but none the less imaginative and creative productions that each of us constructs and reconstructs as we move through our adult years -we make a life by making a story, and the stories we make become parts of who we are -level 1: traits -level 2: characteristic adaptations -level 3: life stories The Meaning of Stories The Narrating Mind -storytelling is a fundamental way of expressing ourselves and our worlds to others -the truth of a good story -Damasio says that human consciousness is a matter of mentally taking on the position of a narrator -Jerome Bruner suggests that humans evolved to interpret personal experience in terms of stories; that they understand that world in two different ways: -paradigmatic mode of thought: we seek to comprehend our experience in terms of tightly reasoned analyses, logical proof, and empirical observation; logical, causal reasoning; scientists, logicians -narrative mode of thought: in stories, events are explained in terms of human actors striving to do things over time -masters of the paradigmatic mode try to say no more than they mean; do not encourage differences or opinion; generally doesnt make much sense of human goals, desire, and social conduct www.notesolution.com
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