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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Chapter 11 THE INTERPRETATION OF STORIES: FROM FREUD TO TODAY Freudian Interpretation -the meanings of our lives and the stories about our lives lie hidden in the unconscious -Oedipus complex; a child feeling unconscious sexual feelings toward one parent and aggressive murderous feelings towards the other The Story of Oedipus -boys experience intense longings for their mother, therefore hating their fathers, then overcoming this infatuation and identifying with their fathers -vice versa for girls, experiencing penis envy, which could be a symbol for power -not all children go through this experience Death of Yukio Mishima: A Case of Oedipal Dynamics -Freud believes his suicide occurred because of an Oedipal confusion between object choice and identification -Freud believes the person relates to people in one of two ways: object choice: person seeks to have the other in a powerful sensual way; to own them identification: person seeks to be the other; to be like the other -identification with the aggressor: wanting to be like the other is comingled with fear or hatred -Freud says identification is the usual way preschool boys and girls relate to their opposing parents www.notesolution.com
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