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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Personal Constructs

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Chapter 15 – Personal Constructs The Person as a Scientist  Kelly saw everyone as a scientist  We develop personal constructs that serve as hypotheses of the world around us  If they are useful we hold on to them, if not we alter or change the construct o The constructs lead to behaviours that adjust us to events in the world o Use constructs to predict what will occur in the future Constructive Alternativism  Constructive alternatavism is the assumption that one event is open to many interpretations  We continually test, revise, and modify our constructs Fundamental Postulate and Corollaries  The fundamental postulate: o The way in which an individual predicts future happenings is crucial to behaviour  The corollaries: o Construction  We anticipate events by interpreting them o Individuality  We differ in the way we construct events o Organization  Our constructs fall into an organized pattern o Dichotomy  In making an interpretation of an event (constructing), we indicate the opposite quality is not a characteristic of it  This provides a basis for constructive alternativism o Choice  The person chooses the alternative in a dichotomized construct the one he will use o Range  Construct only works for a finite range of eventsd o Experience  People’s constructs change through experience o Modulation  The extent to which a constr
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