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Chapter 7

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 7 Motives and Goals: What Do We Want in Life? Human motivation – people have inside of them wants, desires, aims, and intentions Characteristic adaptations – more specific and particular aspects of psychological individuality that are contextualized in time, place or social role Freud’s Theory of Motivation 4 basic propositions: 1) Determinism : forces over which we have little control determine our human behavior and experience 2) Drive : these powerful forces exist within us, and they can typically be traced back to primitive drives or instincts - Most important are our drives for sexuality and aggression 3) Conflict: the forces that determine all our behavior and experience are in perpetual conflict with one another, which causes us anxiety 4) The unconscious: we do not know what those forces that determine our behavior and those conflicts that precipitate our anxiety are – they are unconscious to us  According to Freud, sexuality and aggression are the roots of human motivation  Human mind as machine uses energy and this psychic energy derived from biological instincts  Eros, Thanatos The Unconscious - Psychoanalytic approach to personality is that much of what we know and feel is outside our conscious awareness - We don’t know “real reasons” for what we do b/c prime determinants of human behavior are split off from
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