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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 3: Social Learning and Culture B.F. Skinner- positive reinforcement: rewarding socially desirable behaviour Behaviourism and Social- Learning Theory American Environmentalism: The Behaviourist Tradition Behaviourism: brand of psychology that explores ways in which observable behaviour learned and shaped by environment o Founder Watson- can take any infant and raise him to be any kind of adult Locke-tabula rasa- experiences writes upon slate o Environment shapes person We learn in order to obtain pleasure and avoid pain Epicurus- not only do optimal please and minimal pain make men and women happy, also serve as foundations for ethical action Utilitarianism- good society should make for greatest happiness or pleasure for greatest number of people o Bentham and Mill- can be accomplished if societies structured in more egalitarian fashion Learning shaped by pleasure and pain, leaning make for greatest amount pleasure and least amount of pain Great deal of learning occurs through association of actions with either positive (pleasurable) or negative (painful) events Associationism: various objects and ideas that are contiguous in time or space come to be connected or associated, with each other into meaningful units Classical conditioning- Pavlov, dog salivating o Watson- Little Albert Higher-order condition: conditioned stimuli, obtained their eliciting power through associations with unconditioned stimuli Second form of learning is instrumental conditioning, Skinner call operant conditioning o Operant
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