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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 6: Continuity and Change in Traits: The Roles of Genes, Environment, and Time Two Kinds of Continuity Absolute continuity- constancy in quantity or amount of attribute over time o Usually understood in terms of group averages on given trait Differential continuity- consistency of individual differences within sample of individuals over time, to retention of individuals relative placement in group Absolute continuity and differential continuity completely unrelated to each other o Absolute continuity refers to consistency of average score on given trait over time o Differential continuity refers to stability of individual differences in scores Differential Continuity in Adult Years Longitudinal studies show remarkably high differential continuity in personality traits over adult lifespan Trait ratings in children show less differential continuity than do trait ratings in adulthood Childhood Precursors: From Temperament to Traits Temperament dimensions may represent early in life framework out of which personality traits eventually emerge 3 different types of temperament patterns: o Easy babies: show consistently positive mood, low to moderate intensity of emotional reactions, regular sleeping and eating cycles o Difficult babies: consistently negative moods, intense emotional reactions, irregular sleeping and eating cycles o Slow to warm up babies: combination with relatively negative moods, low intensity of emotional reactions, tendency to withdraw from new events at first but then approach them later Behavioural inhibition- extremely inhibited young children show great timidity in f
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