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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Notes

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Marc A Fournier

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Chapter 12 WRITING STORIES: BIOGRAPHY AND LIFE COURSE Icarus: An Ancient Story -Harvard student Grope and the story of Icarus -Icarus Complex -the first theme in the Icarus complex is urethral erotism: thematic association of hot sexuality and wet urination; fire -second theme is ascensionism: sudden rising -third theme is cynosural narcissism: denotes a craving for unsolicited attention and admiration -fourth theme is falling precipitation: ascension- descension cycles -table 12.1 page 478 full terms and definitions -the Icarus complex is Murrays story about Grope -personality psychologists typically work within the paradigmatic mode of knowing; use scientific methods and theories -conduct biographical studies of individual cases -researchers use first person narratives as source material and third person narratives in describing and interpreting lives Personality and the Study of Lives Murray and the Harvard Psychological Clinic -Henry Murray -personology: an interdisciplinary exploration of the psychology of persons, with particular emphasis on incorporating myth, folklore, biography, and investigations of the human imagination www.notesolution.com
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