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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Notes

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 12: Writing Stories of Lives: Biography and Life Course PSYB30 ICARUS: AN ANCIENT STORY Icarus was boy that made wings to fly towards sun, only to have them melt, leaving him to fall to the sea Grope was student at Harvard who participated in Henry A. Murrays investigation in the 30s and 40s o Wrote short autobiography, was interviewed and given tests such as TATT o Viewed his life as cycle of success and mediocrity, he saw himself was mediocre at Harvard and was awaiting an ignition to success o Valued money, power, glory and fame Icarus complex: themes in personality function that are modelled on Greek story of Icarus o First theme is urethral erotism thematic association between hot sexuality and wet urination o Second theme is ascensionism sudden rising, literally or metaphorically for success o Third theme is cynosural narcissism craving for unsolicited attention and admiration o Fourth them is failingprecipitation - ascension-descension cycles, what comes up must come down, and crashes Gropes life had all these themes Icarus story is a way for Murray to make sense of Gropes life, it is Murrays story about Grope Personality psychology uses paradigmatic mode of knowing (using scientific method to find cause and effect relations), but sometimes use narrative mode of knowing (informed biographies of individual cases) o E.g. Grope was related to Icarus to best convey aspects of his personality Murrays interpretation is an example of a case study PERSONOLOGY AND THE STUDY OF LIVES MURRAY AND THE HARVARD PSYCHOLOGICAL CLINIC Murray was hired as assistant to Morton Prince, a psychologist at Harvard Murray was a physician with PhD in biochemistry, Jung inspired him to take interest in personality psychology Murray succeeded Prince and became director of Psychological Clinic at Harvard Prince had started clinic as place where undergrads could learn about abnormal psychology, with clinical demonstrations o This was frowned upon by Harvard and separated from proper psychology department Murray put person at center of inquiry, required researchers to know participants in detail o Diagnostic Councils were established, where people would compare and integrate their views of the person into one Interdisciplinary and famous people visited the clinic, wanted to complex understanding of the whole person o Did longitudinal studies of normal people when American psychology glorified experiments Murray was interested in human motivation, and psychoanalysis Published the explorations in personality o Envisioned personology as interdisciplinary and wanted to understand the person as a whole www.notesolution.com
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