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Chapter 1

chapter 1

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Marc A Fournier

Study indi differences- develop ways to classify, categorize, and organize the diversity of psychological individuality, and they look for biological and environmental forces and factors that explain those differences Dispositional Characteristics Personalized traits- general, internal and comparative dispositions that we attribute to people in our initial efforts to sort individuals into meaningful behavioural categories and to account for consistencies we perceive o expect in bhvr from one situation to the next and over time The big five trait categories: OCEAN: Openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism Characteristic Adaptations Trait attributions tell is about trends in bhvr over time and across diff situations, settings and contexts Characteristic adaptations are contextualized in time, place andor role Characteristic adaptations are contextualized facets of psychological individuality that speak to motivational, cognitive and developmental concerns in personality Theories regarding CA are grouped in 3 categories o Human motivation- essentially speak to the question of what ppl fundamentally want or desire in life- specify such CA as human needs, goals, motives, and strivings o Cognition and personality- underscore the role of cognitive factors- values, beliefs, expectancies, schemas, plans, personal constructs, cognitive styles- in human individuality- speak to adaptations such as personal constructs, beliefs, values, schemas, and personal ideologies o Developmental- focusing on the evolution of the self and its relationship with from birth to old age address questions of pathways, stages, and developmental tasks in psychological individuality o Dispositional traits are focused on personality structure while CA places more emphasis on personality dynamics, process and change. Integrative life narratives www.notesolution.com
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