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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes

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Konstantine Zakzanis

ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY Chapter 5 Research Methods in the Study of Abnormal Behaviour Science& the Scientific Method It is important that scientific methods be reliable (replicable- must occur under prescribed circumstances not one, but repeatedly) and testable (open to systemic probe) Theory: A set of prepositions meant to explain a class of phenomena. A primary goal of science is to advance theories to account for data, often by proposing cause- effect relationships. They are constructions put together by scientists. Hypothesis: Expectations of what should occur if the theory is true Scientists must often use theoretical concepts (unobservable states or processes that are inferred by observable data) to come up with a theory In abnormal psychology, theoretical concepts are used to fill in information that are unaccounted for based on a theory (i.e. if a person goes though a traumatic event, and their attitude suddenly changes we can use the theoretical concept of applied fear to fill the gap) Operationism, an earlier school of thought, suggested that each theoretical concept take as its meaning, only observable and measurable operation (i.e. the concept of anxiety could be thought as scoring over 50 on an anxiety test) The problem with that was each concept was too specific, and it lost its generality. A concept did not include events, only one specific one Research Methods of Abnormal Psychology The Case Study The most familiar and time-honoured method; Therapists gather historical and biographical information on a single individual (i.e. background, familymedical history, educational background, jobs held, marital history, life course etc.) However, how the therapist gathers information and what they focus more attention on is determined by what paradigm they chose to adopt Case studies are beneficial because... They provide detailed descriptions of rareunusual phenomenon and of important methods of interviewing, diagnosing and treatment www.notesolution.com
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