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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes

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Konstantine Zakzanis

CHAPTER 7 - In early versions of the DSM, somatoform and dissociative were put under the anxiety heading - Anxiety is not always observable in these 2 disorders - Somatoform Disorders are when the individual complains of bodily symptoms that suggest a physical dysfunction, but there is no physiological evidence behind this. - Dissociative Disorder is when the individual experiences a disruption in consciousness, memory, identity etc. - Onset of both disorders is related to stressful event, and they can sometimes co-occur Somatoform Disorders - Psychological problems take physical form - Thought to be linked to psychological factors (anxiety) Pain Disorder - pain that causes significant impairment and stress, may be sever and chronic - may have relation to some conflict or stress, or attempt by patient to get attention - diagnosis is difficult, as pain is a feeling, and there is no way if detecting the pain felt is real or not. - Patients with physically based pains, unlike with the disorder, can localize, give more detail and link the pain to increases and decreases. Body Dismorphic Disorder - person is preoccupied with self-image and feels there is some defect in them, Ex: a wrinkle, excess hair or shape of nose. - Women: skin, hips, breasts, legs - Men: height, penis length, too much body hair - Occurs mostly among women in late adolescence, comorbid with depression and social phobia - People argue this might not be a disorder itself but a symptom of many disorders Hypochondriasis - individuals are preoccupied with the fear that they are ill, such as deadly disease - over 60% of diagnosed cases still had the disorder during follow-up - frequent consumers of medical goods and prolly have anxiety disorders - patients over react to bodily sensations such as irregular heartbeat, sore spot, coughing etc. they can make catastrophic interpretations over small things - evident in 5% of general population, higher in women than men. - Health Anxiety is a condition in which you have anxiety over your health, and can lead to misinterpretations of body signs as being ill. This includes hypochondriasis And illness phobia, which is a fear of becoming sick. - The IAS is an illness anxiety scale which consists of 4 factors www.notesolution.com
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