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Chapter 2

Lecture 2 - Chapter 2 (Paradigms)

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 2 - lecture 2 Exam not need to know everything in chapter. Focus knowing in book, know quite well also in lec.notes. Chapter 2 - current paradigms 5 Paradigms through out semester. 1 paradigm more knowledgable than particular disorder. E.g. depression CBT. 5 Paradigms 1. Biological Paradigm researcher looking at MRI. Neuroimaging 2. Psychodynamic approach 3. Humanistexistential approach on psychopathology 4. Pavlov and classical conditioning behavioral therapy 5. Aaron Beck Psychiatrist and his theory of Cognition and depression - Basic assumptions on how we understand or treat disorder - How to conceptualize study for patient - Gather or interpret data assessing subject differ Treat any kind of Psychopathology Biological paradigm model builds itself after disease and medical paradigm - Symptoms have biological cause or biological interplay e.g. Runny nose virus biological markers and use investigated tool and research techniques to determine whether or not there in biological cause. Behavioral geneticist - genes carrier of genetic information expresses our DNA and pass on from parents 50% from mother 50% from Father Study of individual differences impart by difference in genetic makeup 2 types Genotype Phenotype totality of observable behavioral characteristics. E.g. level of anxiety . Genotype and environment job-more likely to be anxious Genetic makeup not static even though born with it. e.g. depression may or may not become depressed in life. But likelihood of becoming is high because genetically predisposed. All disorders are determined in phenotypes except if you have gene you have disease Huntingtons disease Family method 50-50 inherited from mom and dad First Degree relatives nd 2 degree relatives 25% of genetic makeup niece or nephew study by looking predisposition of mental disorders in a family. Prevalence rates- e.g. schizophrenia running in family compared to a population If a genetic predisposition to the disorder being studied is present first degree relatives of the index cases or profanes should have the disorder at higher rate than www.notesolution.com
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