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Chapter 14

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Konstantine Zakzanis

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Lecture 7  Chapter 14 Cantor – does research on Sex Transsexuals – are a very complicating group – treated as an extreme form of gay There is more than one type in psychology: - Hetero/homosexuality – relative to the sex you are born as - Gender Dysphasia – you want to process the other one – discontent but not transsexual – because of their family, surgery, etc o Transsexuals -- the extreme form of gender dysphasia – they want to physically transitioning their bodies. - Cross-dressing: behavior, not an identity. It happens only really in males. o Fetishistic: it is an erotic experience, it is not just fun. They are sexually aroused when they do it. o Drag Queen: entertainment purposes Radical feminist believe there is no such thing as male & female – therefore there is no way to transfer different genders, they don’t agree with transgender sexuality. Plum Pudding Model: Gynandromorphism: A not straight, gay or bi – attracted to a female body with a penis (she-males) Female to Male transsexuals - More simple (one kind)/uniform - Biologically female but look like a young adolescence male - Practically always are lesbian, or had a phase of life being lesbian - Are not just tom boys – they are very masculine in childhood – give themselves boy names - Worst part of their lives when puberty starts – that’s when they usually put into clinic and the most upset (late teens – early 20’s) Female to Male Surgeries (not as advanced as male to female) * Radical hysterectomy: taking out uterus * Chest re-contouring: same as women with breast cancer would use – changing roundness into a v-shape. Nipple are uneven because tissue swells & doesn’t heal evenly. Not a lot of sensation in the nipples – because it is removed then reshaped. * Metaoidioplasty: cartilage that hold clit in place – it grows larger with testosterone – start to looks like little penis. It severing piece of tissue so it hangs out a little further to look like a penis. Looks like small circumcised penis. They get testicular implants -- labia are closed. Body tends to reject them. * Phalloplasyy: actual surgical construction of a penis from nothing – usually from for arm or inner thigh – for 6 inch need foot long of tissue (including muscle). Tends to become infected a lot – the urethra. Most patients are very happy with this. Male brain has more trouble with being in love with the person not the genitals – women are a lot more flexible. Male-to-female transsexual subtypes (we hear much more about this) * Androphilic: biologically male – attracted to males – (homosexuals) – gay men so gay better off being women. Come to clinic very young – sometimes in child clinic. Will not play sports – not what they are into. They are substantially younger on average than non-adrophilic (15 years!). Inch and a half shorter than non- andropilic! What ever is going on is dramatic, and happens long before person goes to lab. Androphilic ones are lighter! o Two theories: o Whatever happened during development Androphilic – didn’t maculizize their brain fully – they are short (as women are shorter than men) o Sociological thing – ones attracted to men only want to become female if they are short enough to! Gay men have older brothers then straight men – they are later in the order. There is some association with birth order and being gay. The more older brothers a man h
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