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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 5: Research Methods in the Study of Abnormal Behavior Scientific research methods that are applied in contemporary psychopathology Science and Scientific Methods Science pursuit of systematized knowledge through observation. Scire to know refers both to method and to goal It is impt. For scientific observations and explanations to be testable and reliable Testability and Replicability A scientific approach req. propositions and ideas be stated in clear way Statements, theories, and assertions must be testable and subj. to disproof Each observation be replicable or reliable If cannot be reproduce distrustful of legitimacy of original observation The role of theory Theory is a set of propositions to explain a class of phenomena Guides research by suggesting additional data to be used Hypotheses generated by theory : expectations about what should occur if a theory is true to be tested in research Generation of theory is the most challenging part of scientific enterprise Theories are constructions put together by scientists Theoretical concept are inferred form observable data and can also summarize already observed relationships Criteria of judging legitimacy of a theoretical concept 1. Operationism each concept take as a meaning a single observable and measurable operation 2. Flexible way - Concept can be linked to several measurements each taps a different facet of the concept Research Methods of Abnormal Psychology The Case Study Most familiar, time honoured method of observing others study them one at a time and record detailed info about them Collecting historical and biographical info. on a single individual often included experiences in therapycover family history and background, medical history, educ.background, jobs held, marital history and details concerning devpt.adjustment, personality, life course and current situation. Has been used to : Provide detail description (e.g. Eve white, black , and Jane = 21) Disconfirm allegedly universal theoretical proposition o Useful when they negate an assumed universal rel. or law o Do not provide the means of ruling out H A generate hypothesis that can be tested through research www.notesolution.com
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