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Chapter 1-5

Chapters 1-5

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Mark Schmuckler

ABNORMAL PSYCH: CHAPTER 1 Psychopathology- the field concerned with the nature and development of abnormal behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. Challenges we face in studying abnormal psych: the subject offers hard and fast answers. Also the need to remain objective. ALL of use bring to our study preconceived notions about what the subject matter is! Abnormality is usually determined by the presence of several characteristics at one time. Our best defn of abnormal behaviour includes statistical infrequency, violation of norms, personal distress, disability or dysfunction and unexpectedness. One aspect of abnormal behaviour is that it is infrequent. The normal curve, or bell shaped curve places the majority of people in the middle as far as any particular characteristic is concerned. An assertion that a person is normal implies that he or she does not deviate much from the avg in a particular trait or behaviour pattern. 1) Statistical infrequency is used explicitly in diagnosing mental retardation 2) Another characteristic to consider is whether the behaviour violates social norms, or threatens or makes anxious those observing it. But VOSN is still too broad and too narrow, just because you violate social norms does not indicate that youre a psychopath, example prostitutes. Also, differ norms in diff cultures. 3) Personal distress; behaviour is abnormal if it creates distress or torment to the person experiencing it. Problem; not all forms of distress show abnormality; childbirth, and not all abnormal ind face distress example; psychopaths. 4)Disability; impairment in some area of life because of abnormality. Ex: phobias can cause distress & disability. Not always applicable tho, transvestites are considered abnormal yet many dont feel distress. 5) Unexpectedness; distress or disability are considered abnormal when they are unexpected responses to environmental stressors. According to GOERING The major proportion of mental health care in Canada is delivered by general practioners. Psychiatrists in Canada have a great deal of clinical autonomy. Hunsley et al concluded from studies that psychological services are vastly underused. Also psych services are more available in urban areas than rural, since psychiatrists are mostly in major urban centres. EARLY DEMONOLOGY: The doctrine that an evil being, like the devil, may dwell win a person and control his or her mind and body is called demonology. Records of this type of thinking are found in early Chinese, Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks and Hebrews. Since ppl thought abnormal behaviour was caused by possession, exorcism was used; which usually took the form of elaborate rites of prayer, noisemaking, forcing the afflicted to drink terrible brews, and flogging n starvation. Trepanning was also used by Stone Age or Neolithic cave dwellers. Trepanning was presumably introduced into the Americas from Siberia. (In 3 aboriginal men found in B.C w trepanning done the openings were located in the same area; the upper central occipital lobe. HIPPOCRATES: In 5 century B.C (often seen as father of modern medicine) separated medicine from religion, magic, and superstition. Said illnesses had NATURAL causes n should be treated as other www.notesolution.com
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