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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Introduction

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 1- Introduction: Definitional & Historical Considerations, & Canadas Mental Health System Psychopathology the field of concerned with the nature & development of abnormal behaviour, thoughts, & feelings Challenge we face in studying abnormal psychology is the need to remain objective The concepts & verbal labels we use in the scientific study of abnormal behaviour must be free of the subjective feelings of appropriateness ordinarily attached to certain human phenomena What Is Abnormal Behaviour? Abnormality is usually determined by the presence of several characteristics at one time Abnormal behaviour includes such characteristics as statistical infrequency, violation of norms, personal distress, disability or dysfunction, & unexpectedness Statistical Infrequency One aspect of abnormal behaviour is that it is infrequent The normal curve, or bell-shaped curve, places the majority of people in the middle as far as any particular characteristic is concerned An assertion that a person is normal implies that heshe does not deviate much from the average in a particular trait or behaviour pattern Statistical infrequency is used explicitly in diagnosing mental retardation When an individuals IQ is below 70, hisher intellectual functioning is considered sufficiently subnormal to be designated as mental retardation Unfortunately, the statistical component gives us little guidance in determining which infrequent behaviours psychopathologists should study Violation of Norms Another characteristic to consider is whether the behaviour violates social norms or threatens or makes anxious those observing it Violation of norms explicitly makes abnormality a relative concept; various forms of unusual behaviour can be tolerated, depending on the prevailing cultural norms Personal Distress Another characteristic is personal suffering; that is, behaviour is abnormal if it creates great distress & torment in the person experiencing it Disability or Dysfunction Disability- that is, impairment in some important area of life bc of an abnormality- can also be a component of abnormal behaviour Substance-use disorders are also defined in part by the social or occupational disability created by substance abuse Unexpectedness Distress & disability are considered abnormal when they are unexpected responses to environmental stressors According to Goering et al the major proportion of primary mental health care in Canada is delivered by general practitioners Psychological services are vastly underused www.notesolution.com
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