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Chapter 10


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Mark Schmuckler

Phonemes combine to form morphemes which are the smallest units of meaning in language The syntax of a particular language determines how phonemes can be combined to form morphemes Ex FASTEST made up of FAST which is a FREE morpheme cuz it stands on its own and still has MEANING and IST which is a BOUND morpheme cant stand on its own has to be attached to other morphemes to provide meaningWe are able to recognize the sounds in speech because of the CONTEXT Context affects the perception of words through topdown processing All languages have a syntax or grammar They follow certain principles which linguistics call Syntactical rules for combing words to form phrases clauses or sentences Syntax prvides imp info Our understanding of syntax is automatic FMRI studies showed that as syntax becomes more difficultcomplex our brains become more activeSynactical cues help us understand what others are saying These S Cues are signalled by word order function and content words affixes word meanings and prosodyWord orderbasically order of wordsboy hit the ball diff than the ball hit the boyDoes noty play the same role in all languages howeverWord Classgrammatical categories noun pronouns verbs and adjectives Words can also be classified as either FUNCTION or CONTENT words Function words ex a then to some but etc they convey little meaning of a sen
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