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Chapter 8

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 8 Mood DisorderGeneral Characteristics of Mood Disorders Mood disorders involve disabling disturbances in emotion from the sadness of depression to the elation and irritability of mania Mood disorders are often associated with other psychological problems such as panic attacks substance abuse sexual dysfunction and personality disorders Depression Signs and Symptoms As illustrated by the case of John Bentley Mays depression is an emotional state marked by great sadness and feelings of worthlessness and guilt Additional symptoms include withdrawal from others and loss of sleep appetite sexual desire and interest and pleasure in usual activities Paying attention is exhausting for depressed people Depression in children often results in somatic complaints such as headaches or stomach aches In older adults depression is often characterized by distractibility and complaints of memory loss Psychologizers people who emphasize the psychological aspects of depression Mania Signs and Symptoms Mania is an emotional state or mood on intense but unfound elation accompanied by irritability hyperactivity talkativeness flight of ideas distractibility and impractical grandiose plans The individual shifts rapidly from topic to topicFormal Diagnosis Listing of Mood Disorders Two major mood disorders listed in DSMIVTR major depression also referred to as unipolar depression and bipolar disorder Diagnosis of Depression Major depressive disorder MDD requires the presence of five of the following symptoms for at least two weeks Either depressed mood or loss of interest and pleasure must be one of the five symptoms Sad depressed moodLoss on interest and pleasure in usual activitiesDifficulties in sleeping Shift in activity level becoming either lethargic or agitated Poor appetite and weight loss on increased appetite and weight gainLoss of energy Negative selfconceptComplaints or evidence of difficulty in concentrating such as slowed thinking and indecisiveness Recurrent thought of death or suicide Ruminative coping A tendency to focus cognitively perhaps to the point of obsession on the causes of depression and associated feelings rather than engaging in forms of distractionBrooding A moody contemplation of depressive symptomswhat am I doing to deserve thisthat is more common in females than males An interpersonal form of rumination called corumination in which friends typically female friends discuss and brood over each others problems as part of their friendship has been linked with depression in adolescent girls but on a positive note it is also fosters stronger friendships Feminist scholar Dana Jack suggests that females are more likely than males to engage in silencing the selfa passive style of keeping upsets and concerns to oneself in order to maintain important relationships akin to suffering in silence A definitive longitudinal test of the hypothesis remains to be conduced Another explanation is objectification theory based on the premise that the tendency to be viewed as an object scrutinized and appraised by others including appraisals of physical appearance has a greater negative influence on the selfesteem of girls than boys Kindling hypothesis the notion that once a depression has already been experienced it takes relatively less stress to induce a recurrence Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar I disorder as involving episodes of mania or mixed episodes that include symptoms of both mania and depression A formal diagnosis of a manic episode requires the presence of elevated or irritable mood plus three additional symptoms four if the mood is irritable The symptoms must be sufficiently severe to impair social and occupational functioning Increase in activity level at work socially or sexually
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