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Chapter 14

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 14: Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Intro: - Sexual and gender identity disorder: full range of human sexual thoughts, feelings and actions that are generally regarded as abnormal and dysfunctional - Sexual identity: our sense of ourselves as male or female - Sexual Orientation: our preference for the sex of a partner Characteristics Of Gender Identity Disorder - Gender Idenity Disorder/ Tansexxualism: they feel deep within themselves (usually from early childhood) that they are of the opposite sex. They have an aversion to same sex clothing and activities. The growth of their anatomical features does not persuade them that they are what others see them to be. - -dress for sexual pleasure but do not identify themselves as of opposite sex (GIDNOS) - They may want to pass as a member of the opposite sex or even have surgery - Majority of GID patients are diagnosed as GIDNOS. GID is different from GIDNOS (gender identity disorder not otherwise specified) since that involves symptoms that meet GID but there are some symptoms that do not. - GID is supposed to be differentiated from transvestic fetishism. - GID in childhood – associated with cross-gender behaviours such as dressing in opposite- sex clothes, preferring opposite-sex playmates, and engaging in play that would be more typical of the opposite sex - They are usually recognized by their pa
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