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Chapter 12


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Konstantine Zakzanis

CHAPTER 12SUBSTANCE RELATED DISORDERS Substance Dependence and AbuseAt least three of these symptoms must be present y ToleranceIndicated firstly when larger doses are needed to produce the desired effect secondly the effects of the drug become less if the usual amount is taken y WithdrawalNegative physiological or psychological symptoms that develop when the person suddenly stops taken the substance or reduces the amountOr a person who might use the substance to avoid the withdrawal substanceex Have another drink to cure a hangover y Person uses more of substance or uses it for a longer time than intended y Person recognizes excessive use of substance y Much of the persons time is spent trying to obtainsubstance or recover from its effects y Substance use continues despite problems y Person gives up or cuts back participating in many activities because of substanceMust experience one of the following symptoms for substance abuse y Failure to fulfill major obligations ex Inability to go to work y Exposure to physical dangers ex Drinking and driving y Legal problems ex Selling drugs y Persistent social or interpersonal problems ex Being violently abusive to their family Alcohol Abuse and DependenceAlcoholism thy 4 leading cause of disability worldwideDelirium tremens DTs y When someone is withdrawing from alcohol and they have a sudden drop of blood alcohol level y Disorientation memory problems terrified because of hallucinationsPolydrug abuse y When person uses more than the drug talked about y 8085 of drinkers usually smoke because it accelerates the buzz of the alcohol Prevalence of alcohol abuse y 178 of lifetime prevalencey Prevalence of dependence is lower than of abuse because it is more severe y Prototypical alcoholic men younger adults Caucasians single well off financiallyCourse of the disorder y There is no pattern of abuse or of dependence everybody is different
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