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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Chapter 9 Eating DisordersClinical DescriptionAnorexia and Bulimia share that there is an intense fear of being overweightAnorexia NervosaAnorexia Loss of appetiteNervosa caused by emotional reasonsBut most patients with anorexia nervosa actually dont lose their appetite in foodMost patients starve themselves but they become preoccupied with food they may read cookbooks constantly and prepare gourmet meals for their familiesFeatures for the diagnoseso The person must refuse to maintain a normal body weight oThe persons weight is less than 85 of what is considered normal for that persons age and heightoThere is dieting or purging selfinduced vomiting heavy use of laxative or diuretics excessive exercise o Intense fear or gaining weight and the fear is not reduced by weight losso Have a distorted sense of their body shape even when they are emacinatedoThey believe in particular that their abdomen buttocks and thighs are too fatoWeigh themselves frequently measure the size of different parts of the body and gaze critically at their reflectionso Amenorrhea loss of the menstrual period oBut this loss of period occurs in a minority of women before any significant weight lossEating disorder inventory self report of eating disorders questionnaireThere is another test where they show a picture of 3 bodies and they are asked to pick the one that looks like themselves the patient with anorexia nervosa overestimate their own body size and chose the thinner one as their ideal2 types of anorexiaoRestricting type weight loss is achieved by severely limiting food intakeoBinge eatingpurging type person regularly engages in being eating and purgingMore psychopathologicalChapter 9 Eating DisordersPage 1
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