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PSYB32 Ch 1

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Konstantine Zakzanis

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PSYB32 Ch 1Psychopathology the field concerned w the nature and dvlpt of abnormal bhvr thoughts and feelingsAbnormal behaviour includes characteristics such as statistical infrequency violation of norms personal distress disability or dysfunction and unexpectedness Normal curve bellshaped curve places the majority of ppl in the middle as far as any particular characteristic is concerned very few ppl falleither extreme an assertion that a person is normal implies that they dont deviate much f the average in a particular trait or bhvr pattern Statistical infrequency is used explicitly in diagnosing mental retardation Cultural diversity can affect how ppl view social norms what is the norm in one culture may be abnormal in anotherin our culture antisocial bhvr of psychopaths complex rituals of obsessivecompulsive patients and conversations w imaginary voices of psychos is abnormal but not prostitutes or criminals despite violating norms Disability impairment in some important area of life bc of an abnormality A phobia can produce both distress and disability a severe fear of flying may prevent someone f taking a job promotionDistress and disability are considered abnormal when they are unexpected responses to envt stressors an anxiety disorder is diagnosed when the anxiety is unexpected and out of proportion to the situationClinician the various professionals authorized to provide psychological services Clinical psychologist requires a PhD labresearch work statistics empiricism dissertation or PsyD degree Techniques of assessment and diagnosis of mental disorders learning the skills necessary to determine that a patients symptoms or problems indicate a particular disorder Psychotherapy a verbal means of helping troubled ppl change their thoughts feelings and bhvr to reduce distress and to achieve greater life satisfaction Psychiatrist holds an MD degree and had postgrad training residency in which they receive supervision in the practice of diagnosis and psychotherapy Psychoactive drugs chemical compounds that can influence how ppl feel and thinkPsychoanalyst has received specialized traininga psychoanalytic institute of clinical training and psychoanalysis of the trainee Social worker has an MSW master of social work Counselling psychologists similar to graduate training in clinical psychology but usually have less emphasis on research and the more severe forms of psychopathologyPsychiatric nurse specialized in working in the mental health field Demonology the doctrine that an evil being devil may dwell within a person and control their mind and body Exorcism the casting out of evil spirits by ritualistic chanting or torture elaborate rites of prayer noisemaking forcing the afflicted to drink nasty brews flogging starvation Trepanning of skulls the making of a surgical opening in a living skull by some instrument used to treat conditions like epilepsy headaches and psychological disorders attributed to demons within the craniumthus the opening would allow the evil spirits to escape most common in PeruBolivia
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