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PSYB32 Ch 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Ch 5Science the pursuit of systematized knowledge through observationMethod systematic acquisition and evaluation of infoGoal dvlptment of general theories that explain info Testable open to systematic probesReliable replicable Theory a set of propositions meant to explain a class of phenomena A theory permits the generation of a hypothesis expectations about what should occur if a theory is trueto be tested in research Repression is a theoretical concept theoretical concepts are inferred f observable data Eg an analyst might infer the presence of a repressed conflict f a patients continual avoidance of discussing their relsh w authority figures An earlier criteria applied in judging the legitimacy of a theoretical concept was operationism that each concept take as its meaning of single observable and measurable operation each theoretical concept would be nothing more than one particular measurable eventToday theoretical concepts are better defined by sets of operations than by a single operation linked to different measurements All empirical research entails the collection of observable data researchers observe several events and try to determine how theyre related We want to understand the causes of the relsh we have observedThe Research Methods of Abnormal PsychologyObserving others is to study them onea time and record detailed info about them Case study descriptive accounts collecting historical and biographical info on a single person including experiences in therapy family medical educational job marital history and details about dvlpt adjustment personality life course and current situation Provides detailed description of rareunusual phenomenon and of important new methods of procedures of interviewing diagnosis and treatmentDisconfirm allegedly universal aspects of a particular theoretical proposition and generate hypothesis Chris Sizemore a patient w 3 distinct personalities The Three Faces of Eve Eve White Eve Black Jane and later on Mrs Evelyn White accounted by ThigpenCleckley Detailed accounts of a rare phenomenon of multiple personality now known as dissociative identity disorder Sizemore claimed to have 21 separate personalities and questioned the validity of the info gather in the case studies by Cleckley and Thigpen A sophisticated data analytic strategy combines a series of cases of an unusual phenomenon to help increase validity The condt Trichotillomania compulsive hair pulling was researched using a procedure called the constant comparative method which consists of the a identification of relevant units of info unitizing placing the units into categories that emerge the f the data categorizing and c providing organizational themes for the info identifying themes
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