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PSYB32 Ch 7

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Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Ch 7Somatoform disorder the person complains of bodily symptoms that suggest a physical defectdysfunctionsometimes rather dramatic in nature but for no physiological basis can be found Dissociative disorders the person experiences disruptions of consciousness memory and identity Onset related to some stressful experience Pain disorder the person experiences pain that causes significant distress and impairment psychological factors are viewed as playing an important role on the onset maintenance and severity of pain Body dysmorphic disorder BDD a person is preoccupied w an imagined or exaggerated defect in appearance frequently in the faceeg wrinkles excess facial hair or the shapesize of nose Women tend to focus on hips skin breast legsMen focus on heightHypochondriasis a somatoform disorder where the person is preoccupied w persistent fears of having a serious disease despite medical reassurance to teh contrary Frequent consumers of medical servicesEg they make catastrophic interpretations of symptoms such as believing that a red blotch on the skin is skin cancer Conversion disorder physiologically normal ppl experience sensory or motor symptoms such as a sudden loss of vision or paralysis suggesting an illness related to neurological damage of some sort although the body organs and nervous system are found to
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