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PSYB32 Ch 4

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Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Ch 4Clinical assessments are used to find out whats wrong with a person what may have caused the problem and what steps may be taken to improve their condtReliability the consistency of measurement Interrater reliability the degree to which 2 independent observersjudges agree Testretest reliability measures the extent to which ppl being observed twice or taking the same test twice perhaps several weeks or months apart score in generally the same way assumes that ppl will not change btwn testings on the variable being tested like an intelligence test Alternativeform reliability using 2 forms of a test rather than giving the same test twice so that ppl wont use the answer they remembered f last time to be merely consistent the extent to which scores on the 2 forms of the test are consistentInternal consistency reliability assesses whether the items on a test are related to one another Ie w an anxiety questionnaire a person who reports a dry mouth in a threatening situation would be expected to report increases in muscle tension tooValidity related to whether a measure fulfills its intended purposeUnreliable measures will not have good validity Content validity whether a measure adequately samples the domain of interest Criterion validity determining whether a measure is associated in an expected way w some other measure the criterion sometimes these relsh may be concurrent both variables are measuredthe same point in time and the resulting validity is referred to as concurrent validity Alternatively criterion validity can be assessed by evaluating the measures ability to predict some other variable thats measured in the future this kind of criterion validity is referred to as predictive validityConstruct validity used to interpret a test as a measure of some characteristic or construct thats not simply defined A construct is an inferred attribute such as anxiousness that a test is trying to measure Psychological assessment techniques are designed to determine cognitive emotional personality and behavioural factors in psychopathological functioningPsychological AssessmentClinical interview an interpersonal encounter conversational in style in which a interviewer uses language as the principal means of finding out about another the intervieweethe attention the interviewer pays to how the respondent answeror does not answerquestions is key The paradigm within which an interviewer operates influences the type of info sought how its obtained and how its interpretedEg A psychoanalytical clinician will inquire about ones childhood history and be sceptical of verbal reports bc they believe one persons developmental history is repressed into the unconsciousClinicians build trust and use empathy to get their patient to speak of personal problems Clinicians tend to overlook situational factors of the interview that may exert strong influences on what patient says or does
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