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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mark Schmuckler

Chapter 6Textbook NotesThe Childs Growth Brain Body Motor Skills and Sexual MaturationDifference btwn children is not unusual rates of development vary among childrengenders Influence of biologicalenvironmental factors on motor developmentgrowthLooking at development of brain brain growthfunctionMotorgrowth patternsRole of nutrition in growthDevelopmental milestonetiming of puberty consequences of reaching sexual maturity earlier or laterBrain Development In InfancyDuring prenatal period brain grows rapidlyAt birth brain weighs about 25 as much as a mature brain6 months brain weighsof adult brain 2 yrs weighs 75 of adult brainCerebrumLargest portion ofbrain 2 connected hemispheresInvolves attributes speech self awareness sensory perception motor abilitiesmemoryCerebral cortexCovers cerebrumcontains cells to control specific functions seeing hearing movingthinkingAt birth or earlier babys brain has most of its neurons nerve cells due to neuron proliferation which is a process where neurons multiply rapidly This takes place during embryonic periodBrain increases in size due to growth of neuronsglial cellsGlial cellnerve cell that supportsprotects neuronsencases them in sheaths of myelin myelination making neurons more efficient in transmitting infoNeural migration ensures that all parts of brain are served by a sufficientof neurons Absence of appropriateof neurons in proper locations may lead to mental retardation dyslexia schizophrenia or epileptic seizures Synapses are connections formed btwn neurons very important Purpose is to transmit msg which is crucial to survivallearning Brain continues to create new synapses allowing for communicationSynaptogenesis is the forming of synapses begins in early prenatal lifeExcess of neuronssynapses in the brain just incase child needs it2 Processes in brain reduce neuronssynapsesNeuronal Death when new synapses are formed some surrounding neurons dieSynaptic Pruning brain disposes of a neurons axons if no longer neededThis increases allow room for new connections to develop throughout childs lifeSynapses within certain areas of the brain develop faster than others allowing for different abilities to develop at different timesMotor area of the brain develops most rapidlystVisual cortex synapses are multiplied 6 times within 1 2 yrs of life so visual abilities become enhancedHippocampus aiding in memory processes fully functional at 8 or 9 months
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