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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mark Schmuckler

Chapter 9Cognitive Development Piaget and VygotskyoCognitive Developmental Fieldfocuses on how intellectual abilitiesknowledge about the world changes as we get olderoCognition is the mental activity involved in process of acquiringprocessing knowledgeIncludes learning perception and memory and thinkingAllows us to understand the worldInfluenced by biological mental and emotional factorso3 theories have been proposed to explain pattern of cognitive development seen in childrenPiagetian TheoryVygotskys Sociocultural TheoryInformation Processing TheoryPIAGETPiagets theory of cognitive developmentoThe evolution of Piagets thoughtWhen working w Alfred Binet IQ Tests Piaget realized agerelated errors on testsErrors provided insightclues about childrens thinking about the worldPiaget didnt have impact on North American developmental psych til early1960sBeginning inearly 1960s Piagets theory began to replace behaviourism in AmericaPiagetian Theory1Fresh new ideas about course of development rather than measuring development2Before Piaget developmental psych lacked theoretical focus3Saw human mind as specialthat child has different ways of thinking at different points in life4Used direct observations to explain how childrens abilitieslimitations change as they grow from infancy to adolescence Problems1Subjective method1Conducted unstructured interviews with childrenoThe child as an active seeker of knowledgeChild has preexsiting knowledgeincorporates new experiences into existing knowledgeThus children construct their understanding of reality from their own experienceChildren organize their knowledge into increasingly complex cognitive structures called schemes
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