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Chapter 6

Chapter 6- Anxiety Disorders. Brief and concise notes on the chapter.

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CHAPTER 6 ANXIETY DISORDERS Anxiety very common affects all of us unpleasant feeling of fear and apprehensionthis emotional state can occur in many psychopathologies is a principal aspect of anxiety disorders But anxiety also plays an imp role in the study of normal people very few of us go through even a week of our lives without experiencing some measure of anxiety or fear Anxiety disorders are diagnosed when subjectively feelings of anxiety are clearly presentsix categories phobias panic disorder generalized anxiety disorder obsessive compulsive disorderposttraumatic disorder and acute stress disorder Often someone with an anxiety disorder meets the diagnostic criteria fro another disorder with the exception of OCD This comorbidity among anxiety disorders arises for two reasons 1 Symptoms of the various anxiety disorders are not entirely disorder specific Ie somatic signs of anxiety are among the diagnostic criteria for panic disorder phobias and PTSD 2 The etiological factors that give rise ti various disorders are applicable to more than one disorder High rate of childhood maltreatment has been linked to greater severity and poorer qualityof life and function in people seeking treatment for SAD But physical or sexual abuse during childhood may increase a persons risk for developing several disorders Theories of anxiety disorders tend to focus exclusively on a single disorder There is a need for theories to consider development of theories that take comorbidity into account Anxiety disorders are the most common psychological disorders A survey of found that in people with symptoms warranting a diagnosis anxiety di
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