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Chapter 10

chapter 10

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 10 General Characteristics of Mood Disorders Mood disorders involved disabling disturbances in emotion, from the sadness of depression to the elation and irritability of mania Panic attaches, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, personality Depression: Signs and Symptoms Depression is an emotional state marked by great sadness and feelings of worthlessness and guilt Withdrawal from theirs, loss of sleep, appetite, sexual desire, and interest and pleasure in usual activities Paying attention is exhausting for depressed people Conversation is also a chore, speak slowly, after long pauses, using few words and a low, monotonous voice May neglect personal hygiene and appearance and make numerous complaints of somatic symptoms with no apparent physical bases Depression in children often results in somatic complaints such as headaches or stomach aches In older adults depression is often characterized by distractibility and complaints of memory loss Fortunately, most depression, although recurrent, tends to dissipate with them About one third of depressed people suffer from chronic depression Suicide is a risk Mania is an emotional state or mood of intense but unfounded elation accompanied by irritability, hyperactivity, talkativeness, flight of ideas, distractibility, and impractical grandiose plans Periods of depression may at times suddenly become manic May last from several days to months, readily recognized by loud incessant stream of remarks, full of puns, jokes, rhyming, and interjections www.notesolution.com Difficult to interrupt Rapidly jumps from topic to topic Annoyingly sociable, and intrusive constantly and sometimes purposelessly busy Formal diagnostic listings of mood disorders Diagnosis of depression Major depressive disorder (MDD) requires the presence of 5 of the following for more than 2 weeks Sad, depressed mood, most of the day, nearly every day Loss of interest and pleasure in usual activities Difficulty sleeping Shift in activity levelbecoming lethargic or agitated Poor appetite and weight loss, or increased appetite and weight gain Loss of energy, great fatigue Negative self concept, self reproach and self blame, feelings of worthlessness and guilt Complaints or evidence of difficulty in concentrating Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide Other research suggests that depression exists on a continuum of severity Most prevalent of the disorders Lifetime prevalence rates from 5.2 17.1 In many countries the prevalence of MDD increased steadily during the latter part of the 20 C 2X more common in women than in men Gender difference does not appear in pre-adolescent children NolenHoeksema and Girgus concluded that girls are more likely than boys to have certain risk factors for depression even before adolescence but it is only www.notesolution.com
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