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Chapter 4

chapter 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 4 Clinical Assessment Procedures Reliability and Validity in Assessment Reliability- how reliable are your results (consistency of a measurement) o Test-retest reliability( 2 times with different period time) Instances where you dont care if its reliable is when you want improvement. o Alternate-form reliability When more than 1 version of the test exists A situation where this might be useful is when your trying to memorize something =this creates the practice effect. o Internal consistency reliability Its if the test questions are related to one another so they correalte Validity o Content validity Whether a measure adequately sample the domain of interest,so basically the questions on a test should relate to the problems that your tryin to understand ie: are you depressed for depression rather than how do u feel playing soccer or sumthing like that. o Criterion validity( concurrent )-> its when two test prove the same results so it concurrently says the right answer( like becks test and asus) Two types of criterion o Convergent validity(= same results form 2 tests o Divergent validity= a person who has depression that says they are not post-tramatically distress shud score less on the PTSD test( post tramatic test) and score higer on the other test. o Construct validity Which is a test the relevance as a measure of some characteristics or construct that is not simply defined. An example is anxiety so if a test measures this, its said to be measuring the construct of anxiety which is made up of stress, nervous etc. So say that we look at a word like anxiety, these are all constructs they are words that we made up it basically means this that and this( stress, panic etc).. so it measures the CONSTRUCT..!!!.. Psychological Assessment Clinical interviews o Characteristics of clinical interviews What questions do you feel would be important to ask of a patient?? Medical issues is important to ask its on axis 3 on dsm Development ,presten stressors , complaints that they have andask them about that www.notesolution.com
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