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Chapter 1

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 1Groups are the basic building blocks of societyTendency to form groups has withstood time and evolution Ingroups tend to favour their own groups over other groups to which they do not belong outgroupsEven when membership is based on the most arbitrary criteria random assignment people tend to show preferences for members of their own group over those of other groups Prejudice negative feelings about other groupsStereotypes believing that certain characteristics are associated with other groupsoften because the outgroup members are perceived to be antithetical to the ingroups welfare or valuesStudy of prejudice and stereotyping is important because1Understand the negative influence such thinking has on the thoughtsfeelingsbehavior 2 Virtually all warsbattles and other acts of group violence have been driven by some form of prejudicestereotypingdiscriminationEx Spanish Inquisition American Civil War American Slave Trade Holocaust Genocide in Rwanda and YugoslaviaMost intense intergroup hostility has been based on a difference in religious beliefsEx Catholics and Protestants in Northern IrelandAlthough overt expressions of racial prejudice and intergroup hatred have declined dramatically racial prejudicestereotypes have not disappearedLippmanns StereotypeStereotype originally derived to describe a printing processLippmann used the word stereotype to describe the tendency of people to think of someone
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