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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 1: Introduction: Definitional and historical Considerations, and Canadas Mental Health System Psychopathology: the field concerned with the nature and development of abnormal behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. What is Abnormal Behaviour? Abnormal behaviour: characteristics as statistical infrequency, violation of norms, personal distress, disability or dysfunction and unexpectedness Abnormal behaviour is infrequent Normal curve (bell-shaped curve) places majority of people in middle as far as any particular characteristic is concerned, very few fall at either extreme Assertion that person is normal implies that he or she does not deviate much from the average in a particular trait or behaviour pattern Another characteristic to consider is whether behaviour violates social norms or threatens or makes anxious those observing it Anti-social behaviour of psychopath fits the definition, as do obsessive-compulsive persons complex rituals and psychotic patients conversation with imaginary voices Cultural diversity can affect how people view social norms Personal suffering is another characteristic, behaviour is abnormal if it creates great distress and torment
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