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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Konstantine Zakzanis

ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER 12 SUBSTANCE-RELATED DISORDERS Substance Dependence: have to have 3 of the following - Tolerance J either larger doses to get desired effect, or the effect of the drug becomes less if keep taking usual amount - Withdrawal symptoms J negative physical & psychological effects if stop taking drug, take drug to relieve the withdrawal symptoms - More or longer use - Recognizes a lot of usage try to stop but cant - A lot of time spent to get the drug or recover from its effect - Still use it even if it has bad psychological or psychical effects - Person cuts back from work or socializing bc of the use of the drug Substance Abuse: 1 of the following - Failure to fulfill major obligations- work - Exposure to physical dangers J drink & drive - Legal problems J drink & drive - Persistent social or interpersonal problems @[Z~o]][email protected] J withdrawal symptom when stop alcohol start shacking, sewating, hallucinate etc ALCOHOL ABUSE & DEPENDENCE - Alcohol dependence may include tolerance or withdrawal, sever forms of it Polydrug abuse J abusing more than one drug at a time, quite common alcohol + something PREVELANCE OF ALCOHOL & COMORBIDITY WITH OTHER DISORDERS - 20% of men and 8% of women fit criteria of alcohol dependence, the prevelance dips ]ZL ]L227Z] oZ]Ll]Z}L2Z]L2ooKoZ[Zoo} financially COURSE OF THE DISORDER - It use to be a downhill progression not anymore with AA - Male alcohol abuser pass through 4 stages start off socially drinkning to only drinking alone ]L }ZL[Z}]L}L ZZ]oo }Z}oZ}o }Z}oLL - For women different, begins later age and oneset from heavy drinking to abuse shorter COST OF ALCOHOL ABUSE & DEPENDENCE www.notesolution.com
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