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Chapter 14

chapter 14

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Konstantine Zakzanis

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ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER 14 SEXUAL & GENDER IDENITY DISORDERS NOTE IMPORTANCE ON TABLE 14.1 GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER CHARACTERISTICS OF GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER - Gender Identity disorder (transsexualism) J feel usually from childhood that they are the different sex - Seeking clinical assessment: 1) behaviour not a phase child can grow out of 2)threshold violation (cross-dress at school not just home) 3) child experience intense distress about being current sex 4) concern about rejection of peers - Prevalence: 1 in 30,000 for Men and 1 in 100,000-150,000 in Women CAUSES OF GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER - In childhood difficult to assess boygirl behaviour blurred, so unless they have discomfort ]Z]}o}2] oZZZ}oL[ }LZ]:@ZolZ about taking GID out of DSM for children altogether - Gender Identity is influenced by hormones; during pregnancy mom takes male hormones (synthetic progestins, it just helps them) makes girls tomboyish she takes female hormones makes boys less athletic - Still its not conclusive evidence, even worst evidence supposes chromosomal abnormalities and worse is brain structure differences - 9}ZZ]o}o}L]}LKL9K}Z[ZL }2]L2}Z} }ZZ-dress but not much evidence support - But boysgirls who tak]L}}Z]Z ]]]ZK}Z}L[L]7 society less tolerant if boys do opposite sex activities THERAPIES FOR GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER BODY ALTERATIONS - If want your body altered have to go to 6-12 months of therapy; suggest maybe just facial hair removal, hormones, instead of the big surgery www.notesolution.com- Sex Reassignment Surgery J operation where genitalia are altered to make them more like those of opposite sex - Men do it more than women - Pre-Op factors that predict favorability of doing it: 1) reasonable emotional stability 2) successful adaptation in the new role for 1 year 3) adequate understanding of actual limitations and consequences of the surgery 4) psychotherapy in the context of established gender identity program - Peopo}L[2]7Z}ZZ]ZL[EZZ2Z }]Z]Z life family and friends, patients point out post-op therapy important. The surgery may only solve the trick nature played on them, but other problems still present ALTERATIONS OF GENDER IDENTITY - Sex reassignment may be only option, changing ones mind to body is hard, very few cases where it was done - Using therapy techniques like classical condition from arousal of males to females, showing pair slides of men and women coupled with aversion therapy to degrade attractiveness of men. Treatment also tries to change behaviour mannerisms how to talk to women, etc. only worked in a few cases THE PARAPHILIAS - Paraphilias J group of disorders involving sexual attraction to unusual objects or sexual activities that are unusual in natreto be diagnosed fantasisies, urges or behaviors musts last 6 months and cause significant distress or impairmntsome argue to get rid of the distress part - Also most paraphilias are male, men greatly outnumber women FETISHISM - Fetishism J involves reliance on an inanimate object for sexual arosathe attraction to the object is a compulsive quality; it is experienced as involuntary and irresistible TRANSVESTIC FETISHISM - Transvestic fetishism J ZLKL]ZZoo}ZZZ]L2]L}KL[Z o}Z]L27 although he still regards himself as a man www.notesolution.com
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