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Chapter 13

Behaviour Modficiation - Chapter 13 Book Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 13 Functional Assessment First step is to understand why the person engages in the behaviour Functional assessment: an assessment of three-term contingency to determine the antecedent events that evoke the behaviour + the reinforcing consequences that maintain the behaviour Example: Conduct a functional assessment of why Jacob engages in problem behaviour 1. Interview mother 2. Observe b-behaviour in the daycare setting + record information on the antecedents, behaviour, and consequence o Antecedent = other kids play with Jacobs toys o Behaviour = bangs his head, whines + throws toys o Consequence = kids return Jacobs toys to him o Outcomes = Jacob is more likely to engage in head-banging, whining, and toy- throwing when other children play with his toys o Hypothesis = reinforcer for problem behaviour = other children gave back toys 3. Conduct a brief experience to test if the hypothesis was correct o Ask children not to immediately give back his toys on some days + not to play with them on other days o Experiment confirmed that other children playing with Jacobs toys was an antecedent o Also confirmed that the reinforcer was that other children gave back his toys www.notesolution.com
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