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Chapter 12

Behaviour Modficiation - Chapter 12 Book Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

12 Behavioral Skills Training Procedures Behavioral skills training procedures include modeling, instructions, rehearsal, and feedback Generally used together in training sessions to help the learner acquire useful skills Are typically used to teach skills that can simulated in a role-play context Example modeling, instructions, rehearsal, and feedback can be used to teach abduction prevention skills to children The children watched two trainers act out a scene, were given instructions on how to react when an abductor approaches them, and were given a chance to rehearse a scene with classmates The trainer praised the child for correct performance, but if the response was only partly correct, the trained provided further instructions and modeling Components of the Behavioral Skills Training Procedure Modeling Modeling: where the correct behavior is demonstrated for the learner The learner must have an imitative repertoire; the learner has to be able to pay attention to the model and perform the demonstrated behavior Reinforcement for imitation usually begins early in a childs life A childs behavior of imitating models is reinforced many times in the presence of various behaviors model by people Thus, a models behavior becomes an S for imitation, and imitation becomes a generalized response class Model may be live or symbolic Live modeling: another individual demonstrates the appropriate behavior in the appropriate situation www.notesolution.com
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