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Chapter 17

Behaviour Modification - Chapter 17 Book Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 17 Using Punishment: Time Out & Response Cost If functional, non-aversive procedures are ineffective (or not completely effective), punishment procedures should be considered Aversive stimulus: any stimulus whose contingent presentation decreases the future probability of a behaviour o Or, whose contingent removal increases the future probability of a behaviour If a punishment procedure is used, it is often a negative punishment procedure involved removal of reinforcing events after a problem Two common negative punishment procedures include: time out & response cost Time Out Time out: the loss of access to positive reinforcers for a brief period of time, contingent on the problem behaviour o Ex a student is removed from the reinforcing activity in the classroom for a few minutes o Duration = 1-10 minutes, but can be extended for a brief period until the client is no longer engaging in the problem behaviour o The absence of the problem behaviour is required at the end of time-out, so that the termination of the time-out does not negatively reinforce the problem o Contingent delay: the extension of a time-out which results in a decrease in the future probability of the problem behaviour
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