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Chapter 18

Behaviour Modficiation - Chapter 18 Book Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 18 Positive Punishment Procedures & the Ethics of Punishment Positive punishment: aversive events are applied contingent on the occurrence of a problem behaviour, resulting in a decrease in the future probability of the behaviour The two major categories are: aversive activities & aversive stimulation Aversive Activities The person is made to engage in an aversive activity Thus, the problem behaviour is less likely to occur in the future Aversive activity: a low-probability behaviour the person typically would not choose to engage in Based on Premack principle when the requirement to engage in a low-probability behaviour (aversive activity) is made contingent on the occurrence of a high-probability behaviour (problem behaviour), the high-probability behaviour will decrease in the future o Allison was mad at her father for not taking her to park, so she took some crayons & drew on the kitchen wall When her dad found out, her made her clean up the drawings + another wall as well He ignored her + physically prompted her to continue, if
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