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Chapter 20

Behaviour Modficiation - Chapter 20 Book Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 20 Self Management Self-management: when a person uses behaviour modification procedures to change hisher own behaviour o Goal is to increase the current level of the deficit behaviour, or decrease the current level of excess behaviour o The problem behaviour continues to occur, because it is reinforced immediately, whereas the negative consequences will arrive later, and alternative behaviours are not present o Temporal discounting: the longer the delay between the behaviour + the consequence, the less likely the consequence will function as a reinforcer Self-management occurs when a person engages in a behaviour at one time to control the occurrence of another behaviour (target behaviour) at a later time o Skinner self-management involves a controlling behaviour & a controlled behaviour 1. Controlling behaviour: influences the future occurrence of the controlled behaviour 2. Controlled behaviour: involves implementing self-management strategies in which the antecedents & consequences or alternative behaviours are modified Types of Self-Management Strategies 1. Goal-setting & self-monitoring
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