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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 3: Graphing Behaviour and Measuring Change Graph: visual representation of occurrence of behaviour over time o Useful for comparing levels of behaviour over time Long period after treatment is implemented is called follow-up period COMPONENTS OF A GRAPH Abscissa: x-axis (time) Ordinate: y-axis (level of behaviour) 6 components of graph o Y and x-axis o Labels of axis o Numbers on axis o Data points o Phase lines (vertical line that shows change in treatment) o Phase labels (e.g. baseline (no treatment) and name of treatment GRAPHING BEHAVIOURAL DATA Allows you to easily see trend of behaviour GRAPHING DIFFERNET DIMENSIONS OF BEHAVIOUR Different dimensions of behaviour will have different y-axis labels and types of numbering on it o E.g.% of math problems completed correctly will use 0 to 100% for numbers Interval recording uses y-axis label percentages of intervals of (behaviour) o X is labeled time period behaviour was recorded (e.g. sessions or days) Session is period where target behaviour is observed and recorded, when treatment starts, its implemented during session RESEARCH DESIGNS www.notesolution.com
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