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Konstantine Zakzanis

Lec 17 90-95 % of all cases are dealt without any punishment procedures. If you find that, you have tried everything else and punishment is the only one remains: make sure it is simple, brief, only in limited circumstances. You have to make sure it is acceptable. This is the most touchy topic in psychology we need experts involved that are experiences. We also need Informed consent & peer reviewed. - most teachers don’t deal with these issues and this is not frequent - you want to send a clear signal; you don’t want any kind of delay - When you take somebody to time out room, as u are walking, somebody might becomes more combative. They might yell, scream and become aggressive. If you are going to be effective, then don’t pay attention to that. - If you are gonna let them escape, then the intervention is not gonna work. - Make sure wht ever environment you put them in, it is aversive enough to cause the change in the behavior - Try to stay with that person unless you genuinely knows that this person will not leave - Hold the shoulders down - If child sits quietly for at least for quantifiable amount of time, then you can let them in. Don’t just take them back into the environment after 20 min while they are still kicking and aggressing. - Remove the child from reinforcing environment. The behavior that is neg shud goes to zero. - Put the kids in the cradle if their behavior is not behaving well. We can modify the behavior of the kids that can’t even talk. Response cost - Politician wants the society to follow certain laws. Imposing the traffic ticket takes ur money away and pple don’t like that - We use tokens just like poker chips in reinforcing certain behavior - Pple explain their dangerous traffic actions by saying that they were ignorant - Misapplication of this procedure: some institutional directors think that lets use punishment. They don’t use a functional assessment (u can’t ignore this step). If you made that variable permanent, it becomes a problem - When somebody engages in aggressive behavior with the sibling, you can take away their dessert. If loss can’t be immediate, it shud at least symbolize that “ they have l
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